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Adesegun Omotayo Awosanya
Senior Advisor, BGCG West Africa

  • Segun Awosanya (SEGA or Segalink as fondly called) is a Realtor (MSc. Unilag), Legal/Law Researcher (LLM. PhD, Buckingham in view), Civil Rights & Institutional Reforms Advocate, futuristic Brand, Digital Media Marketing, Information Technology based business analyst, Content writer, Research, Business & Strategy Consultant, who is also deeply involved in Nation building, curation of culture, wealth management as deployed through his numerous advocacies that has helped Nigerians find succor.
  • He enlightens young Nigerians daily from his @segalink Twitter handle towards political awareness, socio-economic development, political literacy and National integration. 
  • Segun Awosanya facilitated, influenced as well as impacted visibly the Nigerian socio-political space from 2013 till date via various advocacies (altruistic social work) towards better society ranging from; Politically weaponized Disinformation Countering strategic communication Online drive (#WeTriumphStill), Peaceful resolution drive after a volatile election of 2015 (#BeTheChange #WatchTheChange) etc.

He continued to freely educate and enlighten the public via Twitter as consistently done in the past decade with successful direct intervention in bridging institutional gaps between the people and government institutions. A few of these advocacies are;

  • #NIS2000 - An intervention into the unjustly sacked recruits of the Nigerian Immigration Service, which successfully got 888 of the 2000 officers re-absorbed into the system in 2016.
  • #ePassportScam - This was another intervention in 2016 that thwarted the disruption of the National ePassport scheme of the country by political interests.
  • #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG - An ongoing advocacy focusing on the reformation of the Criminal Justice System via legislative reforms and the scrap of rogue arm of the police (SARS) that once spear headed the culture of impunity thus threatening the sovereignty of the country and the general civility of our society. This led to the his contribution to the facilitation of the passing of the historic Police Trust Fund Bill 2019 and the New Police Act 2020 both of which has very since been passed into Law by the President.
  • #ElectoralAct 2022 — He contributed and engaged the legislature (National House of Assembly leadership) on breaking the deadlock on the consensus on the amended Electoral Act that gave rise to the eventual assent of the President. 
  • #EndBankingFraud #BankingReform - An ongoing Online campaign that steps into the institutional gaps in the banking sector holding banks accountable to depositors on multiple grounds and curbing institutional arrogance, condescending customer relations and providing free legal representation in the interest of frustrated depositors/citizens.
  • #CriminalizeEstimatedBilling- This is an ongoing campaign that advocates for the passing of the bill that criminalizes estimated Billings thus forcing DISCOS to facilitate the effective supply of prepaid meters to Nigerians or forfeit the payments in households with no prepaid metering.
  • Conducted an unprecedented nationwide Christmas and New Year’s holidays broadcast, simulcasted on 10 radio stations nationwide to stand in solidarity with Sierra Leoneans during the ban on public gathering due to the Ebola epidemic with entertainers from around the world calling and wishing Sierra Leoneans a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, in December 2014.

His effective Advocacies are renowned for their mastery in the deployment affirmative action in galvanizing the political will of the people enough to bring about the needed change thus raising a critical mass of transformational leaders and enlightened followers who are easy to govern, difficult to rule and impossible to enslave. Millions of Naira and thousands of lives have been saved through the interventions in the past 3years 2017 till date.

He served as a panelist (member and spokes person) at the Lagos Judicial Panel of Inquiry for Victims of SARS/Police related abuses & Other matters and also consults for several firms, Intelligence community, Security Institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations in and out of the country majoring in technology, business strategy, strategic communication, real estate investments/wealth management, personal development, advocacy, crisis/perception management, non-kinetic engagement in ideological warfare, soft skills and media matters.

Convener EndSARS ReformPoliceNG, President/Founder Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation (SIAF) and CEO, Aliensmedia Limited